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Building Update

First Wesleyan will be moving to our new location at the end of June! The new site is at 3040 Marlin Drive in Rapid City, just off Elk Vale Drive.

Pictures as of 4/24

Pictures as of 3/24

Pictures as of 3/13/17


More pictures, as of 2-6-2017:


Here are some of the latest pictures of our new building (2/3/17)!

Last week’s pictures:



It has been a challenging month, as Mother Nature has offered additional challenges for the construction crew to deal with including, shoveling the snow out of the building on a fairly regular basis, dealing with temperatures too cold for the machinery to function and also too cold for the crew too function and too much wind to safely carry materials, especially plywood. Unfortunately the project is now a little behind schedule. However this dedicated crew has been putting in the best effort they can and have been working weekends  to move things along. That being said there is still great progress. They have essentially finished framing in the interior walls and the exterior walls except for the taller walls around the sanctuary. They have applied plywood sheathing to the lower level exterior walls. They have built the walls for the taller hallways and have got most of the roof rafters and plywood sheathing installed for the lower level roofs. They will be building the exterior walls for the sanctuary soon and hope to have the roofing complete by mid-February. The steel work is complete and roofing is complete on the lower sides of the sanctuary. They are building the sanctuary walls last as they needed to complete the steel structures and wanted the adjacent lower levels completed for additional stability while constructing the sanctuary. Please take the time to drive by and see the progress for yourselves.